Craig originally went through the home loan process with us when he purchased his Wamego, KS, home in 2012. After mortgage interest rates decreased, he decided to refinance in 2018 and again in 2019 so that he could receive the best loan terms for his budget. Keep reading to learn more about what his home loan experience was like with us! 

What Farmers State Bank loan officer did you work with? 

Dena Flach

What type of home loan did you use? 

30-year, fixed-rate conventional home loan

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Why did you choose that type of home loan? 

It fits best within my budget. 

Why did you choose to get your home loan at Farmers State Bank? 

My original loan was with FSB in May 2012, and the loan process and subsequent refinancing was a smooth process with great customer service and very reasonable closing costs.

What did you like most about the home loan process with Farmers State Bank?

First and foremost, as already mentioned, the customer service was superb. In addition, FSB had competitive rates, reasonable closing costs, and the overall process was very smooth.

Would you recommend Farmers State Bank to others? 

Yes, in fact, just this week I recommended FSB to a coworker who is looking to refinance given the recent drop in mortgage interest rates.

What is your best piece of advice for new homeowners? 

I highly recommend setting up an escrow account and paying close attention to the loan estimate so you have a true picture of what it will cost you as a homeowner. I then highly recommend creating a budget to ensure you are able to afford the home as well as your other expenses.

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