Jeff and Kristi recently purchased a home in Onaga, KS, because they had outgrown their previous home and decided it was time to move into town where they both work. Keep reading to learn more about what their home loan experience was like with us! 

What Farmers State Bank loan officer did you work with? 

Chase Sperber 

What type of home loan did you use? 

30-year, fixed-rate conventional home loan

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Why did you choose that type of home loan? 

Lower monthly payment

Why did you choose to get your home loan at Farmers State Bank? 

I run a local Insurance office and understand the importance of doing business locally. I wanted to bank local and Chase was someone I knew I could trust and wanted to work with. 

What did you like most about the home loan experience with Farmers State Bank?

They are all very friendly and a joy to work with. We never had to wait on anything, they were very fast throughout the entire process, and we always knew what was going on. 

Would you recommend Farmers State Bank to others? 

Absolutely! FSB in Onaga is a pleasant environment once you walk in the door. You never have to wait to be waited on, and you’re always greeted with a smile. FSB’s rates were also the lowest we came across. 

What is your best piece of advice for new homeowners? 

Give FSB in Onaga a chance to help you with your financial needs. They are very friendly and a pleasure to work with. On top of the joy working with them, their rates were the best we could find. 

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