Who We Are

The Farmers State Bank of Westmoreland is a full-service and locally owned and operated bank with 125 years of community banking service. We were founded in 1898 in Westmoreland, Kansas, and expanded to Manhattan, Kansas, and to Onaga, Kansas. We provide a variety of personal and business services, including checking, savings, and IRA accounts, as well as consumer, agriculture, real estate, and business lending.

Our History

April 9, 1898: Farmers State Bank officially opened its doors with a capital stock of $20,000. The original bank was located in a large stone building at 320 Main Street in Westmoreland, which is the current location of the Pottawatomie County Health Department. Charles Zabel was the first bank president and J. F. O’Daniel, who was the vice president, was the first person to make a deposit with the Bank. 

1908: J.F. O’Daniel became president of the Bank.

March 23, 1923:
The Bank experienced its one and only robbery. The thieves made off with about $7,200 in cash and bonds.

1920s: The Bank moved into the old Citizens State Bank of Westmoreland building, which is the current location of the Bank.

1926: Chris H. Moore started working for the Bank and over time acquired a majority interest of the bank’s stock and eventually became president of the Bank.

June 6, 1935: The Bank was among the many banks that experienced difficult times during the Great Depression and borrowed $12,500 from the Reconstruction Finance Corporation, a branch of the United State Government, to shore up its capital reserves, which had been reduced due to problem loans. In lieu of that $12,500 loan, the Reconstruction Finance Corporation was issued 200 shares of the bank’s preferred stock. This loan was eventually paid back to the government in the mid-1940s.

With World War II ending, Chris H. Moore asked his son, Edward C. Moore, to return home from the military and work with him in the Bank.

April 7, 1959: The Bank started offering savings accounts.

1969: The Bank bought the old post office building, which was located next to the current bank building. This expansion allowed for more office space.

1970:  Edward C. Moore became president of the Bank.

1976: Edward C. Moore asked his son, James E. Moore, to return home from the military and work for the Bank.

1979: The data-processing room and drive-thru were built.

1979: The Bank upgraded to computer processing.

1994: A new director’s room, employee break room, and garage were added.

1996:  James E. Moore became president of the Bank.

1996: The Bank’s Automatic Teller Machine (ATM) was installed at BB’s Handikorner, which is now the current location of Short Stop.

1998: Additional office space was added.

2000: Check imaging was implemented.

2002: The Bank’s website was designed and Internet Banking was implemented.

November 12, 2003: The new Manhattan branch was opened along Highway 24.

2004: In Westmoreland, the Bank did more remodeling to include a new lobby, loan offices and exterior facia.

2012: Mobile Money (mobile banking app) was implemented.

November 2014: The Bank acquired the Morrill & Janes Bank & Trust in Onaga.

2015: The Manhattan branch added more space to accommodate loan officers and storage.

2015: The Onaga branch, located in a historic building, underwent an extensive remodel.

April 2017: An ATM was installed at the Community Healthcare System (CHCS) in Onaga.

In Westmoreland, the Bank expanded to make the kitchen, breakroom, and director’s room larger.

2018: The Bank rebranded and launched a new website.

2019: In Westmoreland, the Bank expanded to move the drive-thru, added more offices, and expanded the operations department and additional meeting rooms.

August 2019: An ATM at Rock Creek High School was installed.

September 2019: The Bank created a Facebook page.

November 2019: A new ATM at the Westmoreland location was installed.

August 2022: The Bank expanded its social media presence to Instagram and Twitter.

December 2023: James E. Moore retired as president of the Bank after serving 27 years in that role.

January 2024:  Jordan Lauer became president of the Bank.