Save time and get paid quicker

With nothing more than a scanner, computer, and an internet connection, you can deposit checks directly from your office, store, or other business location. Not on bank hours? No problem. You can make deposits 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and you’ll save time by having the ability to scan multiple checks at once. Images are securely sent to the bank for processing.

If your business has a smaller amount of cash transactions, multiple locations, remote and distant locations, or processes a high quantity of checks, then you’re a prime candidate to realize the business benefits of Farmers State Banks’ Merchant Capture.

Saves time and money

By making deposits on site, you won’t have to close the office to make it to the bank in time. Save money on fuel and hourly labor by depositing right from your desk.

Simple reconciliations

Online access to images, deposits, and reports helps better manage your business and makes account reconciliation a breeze.

Enhanced cash flow

Without the need to visit the bank to make a deposit, you can deposit checks as they come in, improving your cash flow from accounts receivables and purchases. Additionally, you’ll receive information on returned checks sooner allowing for quicker collection.

Growth potential

With Merchant Capture, your business can grow and grow. If you happen to expand out of area, you won’t need to change financial institutions in order to have timely deposits.

Increased security

Digital capture and check processing reduces fraud and multi-level security provides even greater security assurance.

Ready to get started with Merchant Capture? It’s easy! Give us a call today and one of our business banking experts can get your business running more efficiently with this and other smart banking solutions.

Restrictions apply and approval required.

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Merchant Capture Frequently Asked Questions

You may scan corporate and consumer checks, money orders, cashier’s checks, treasury checks, and travelers checks as long as these items are drawn on a US bank in US dollars. Customers will not be able to deposit foreign checks including any Canadian checks in Canadian dollars and/or notes as payable in US funds. You will need to deposit those items via a branch or by mail.

Yes. Check images are transmitted using a secure, encrypted connection.

You will receive a reject message during the scan that will require you to remove the item from the batch in order to continue. The item will need to be deposited via a branch or by mail.

You will receive a message to delete the check from the deposit.

Customers are responsible for secure retention of original checks for a minimum of 90 days. We will provide additional information on this procedure.

You have convenient and easy access to an online image archive for all deposits and deposited items for a specified period.

You will have access to a number of reports on a daily basis, as well as historical data.

Signing up for Merchant Capture is easy. Simply fill out a brief application as well as read and sign the user agreement. The user agreement requires 30 days notice to terminate use of Merchant Capture.

In order to use Merchant Capture, you will need to have an active business checking account.

If customer pays for ½ the scanner cost, there will be no monthly charge.  Otherwise:

30.00 processing/equipment fee (monthly)

• A supported scanner
• A PC with a USB 2.0 port
• A high-speed Internet connection
• An active business checking account with us
• Adequate secure storage for imaged checks