A fast and secure electronic payment option for your business

Automated Clearing House (ACH) capability gives your organization a simple way to avoid the costs and risks of processing and reconciling paper checks.

ACH transactions are electronic debits and credits used to efficiently disburse employee payroll through direct deposit or electronically collect receipts through direct payment from any bank account in the United States. Upon approval, business customers can set up recurring ACH transactions allowing files to be sent every week or month.

Benefits to Your Company

Lower Costs

You save money by eliminating much of the manual work associated with your payment and collection processes. This includes less check printing and processing, lower postal expenses, and fewer losses due to stolen, forged, or lost checks.

Improved Cash Flow

Quicker collection of payments means enhanced liquidity.

Simplified Forecasting

You know the exact date of your funds transfers, simplifying daily funding decisions.

Enhanced Benefits and Customer Service

ACH services benefit your employees/customers/vendors by eliminating manual work for them and decreasing concern over timely payments.

Certain restrictions and limitations apply.  Approval Required.